Bayside Resort

Green Intitiatives


Here’s how we are helping to make a difference:

We are doing our part to sustain a healthy balance of natural resources in our world.  We’ve developed a thoughtful and responsible plan, which is helping to ensure that future generations will have abundant resources to enjoy.  At the same time, we remain focused on providing our guests with the experiences they expect.  We want our guests to be aware of, and take part in, the simple and practical actions we undertake to help sustain our valuable resources.


  • Printing recycled paper whenever possible
  • Providing recycling bins for our customers
  • Recycling plastic, glass and paper from guestroom trash
  • Offering leftover and excess food items to local food banks and shelters
  • Reducing the use of paper within our organization
  • Back-of-House Recycling


  • Solar panels have been installed on our roof
  • Utilizing more energy efficient laundry processes
  • Compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs where possible
  • Reminding associates to turn off unused lights and reduce HVAC usage
  • Temperature adjustments when guest is out of guest room
  • Guest sensors for in/out of room.
  • Common area space temperature adjustments after hours
  • Energy efficient pool equipment


  • Utilizing more ecologically-friendly laundry processes
  • Utilizing ecologically-friendly cleaning products


  • Utilizing efficient laundry processes
  • Guest Linen / Terry policy
  • Low-flow shower heads / toilets

Why Did We Choose Solar?

  • To be environmentally friendly.
  • To be less reliant on foreign sources of power.
  • Solar is quiet for our customers.
  • There are no moving parts that need servicing.
  • We have large southerly facing roofs with a good azimuth to the sun.
  • It will cut 30% – 35% of our annual power consumption.

Project Facts

  • Fully connected to NSTAR power grid.
  • 616 – 295 watt Suntech Panels.
  • Estimated Annual Output – 208,860 Kwh.
  • Average US Home uses 6,000 Kwh – 11,000 Kwh per year.
  • Our Solar Array could power up to 34 homes annually.
  • CO2 Offset equals 3,546 trees – Annually.
  • 142 tons of CO2 saved – Annually.
  • Annual energy generated equals 15,960 gallons of gasoline

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