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True Cape Cod Ghost Tales

Halloween pumpkins on wooden planks with spooky background.

Ghostly Stories of Cape Cod

Who doesn’t love true life ghost stories?

Massachusetts is full of ghostly tales. From the old witches of Salem to the phantoms of the Cape’s inns and taverns – there is a ghost story in nearly every town here in the Bay State.

Bone-Chilling & Creepy

One of the creepiest, bone-chilling Cape Cod ghost stories, is the ghost of Althea Powell. The story is so scary, it was even featured on WCVB’s Chronicle show.

Here’s a captivating excerpt:

In the summer of 2002 three gentlemen were staying here on a vacation from the British Virgin Islands. On of the men, Michael Blaize woke up to feel a “body” sit on the edge of his bed. He pulled the covers up over his eyes hoping he was dreaming, but the “figure” arose off of the bed and traveled to the foot of the bed and began caressing Michael’s feet. He was now fully covered in his blanket and comforter and begging for the morning to come, when he felt this ghost grab the 2 bed posts and began shaking the bed. This ended as quickly as it started and Michael got up, packed his bags and took his chances on the outside deck for the remainder of the night until the sun rose and he felt safe. The next morning we listened in stunned silence as he told the story. We exchanged glances of disbelief and wanted to laugh until Arpad’s 89 year old mother stepped out on to the deck and announced that she could not sleep because of the all the racket and banging coming from the room across the hall.


Local Ghost Hunting

Cape Cod ghost stories have become quite the tourist attraction. People from around the country come and stay here at the Bayside Inn in search of thrills and chills. While we haven’t had many ghosts pop-up in the corridors, our guests sure have fun ghost hunting around town. It’s always fun to hear what they’ve seen or heard.

Ghost Adventure Vacation On Cape Cod

Why not turn your upcoming fall vacation into a Cape Cod ghost hunt? Bayside Resort Hotel – Cape Cod best hotel – is offering exclusive, affordable vacation packages for families and couples’ getaways! Check out their latest hotel packages HERE.

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