Bayside Resort

The Newest Guests at the Bayside Resort


While we all were staying in our homes during the COVID-19 outbreak, two guests were apparently searching for a new one. In the early Spring, two Ospreys nested on a newly constructed waterfront Osprey condo right in front of the Bayside Resort on Lewis Bay! Our staff has affectionately named the birds ‘Oscar’ and ‘Wilma’ and have been closely monitoring their activity since they nested. We can’t wait to share with you educational and scenic views of these beautiful animals. How lucky we are to have a front row seat to one of Cape Cod’s most revered birds!


Oscar and Wilma have been observed searching for fish throughout the salt marsh daily, and are excellent hunters. They circle high in the sky flying on steady wing beats and bowed wings until they view their prey. You can often clearly see a catch in their talons as one of them carries it back to the nest with a naked eye. The salt marsh offers the perfect habitat for them as it offers shallow waters with an abundance of wildlife for them to prey on.


Our hope is to set a live camera feed to add to our website, where our guests will be able to monitor the bird at all times of the day. The camera would be located on the South side of the Hotel, facing the bay. We are taking all necessary precautions not to disturb the birds as they have recently mated. Here at the Bayside, we strive to be good environmental stewards of our neighboring Salt Marsh as it is a critical ecosystem for all types of wildlife. Though we are eager to view and learn about these animals, we understand the importance and responsibility of ensuring these birds remain undisturbed and safe from human interaction.


More photos will follow with any updates on Oscar and Wilma as we await their new arrivals… We hope you’ll join us in appreciating these birds right from our beach or the outdoor pool! Don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars! Please send us any pictures that you take during your stay with us!

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