Blog 3

Blog 3

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About the Bayside

We are a locally owned and managed property with the all amenities of the newest chain hotels plus the look, feel and charm of Cape Cod. We offer a variety of Vacation Experience Getaways that will make your visit both fun and memorable!


SAVE 10% and Get Perks

Only when you Book Direct.
Use the code
at checkout

Up to 10% Off Room Rate

By booking direct, we pass on any costs associated with other 3rd party booking sites directly to our customers

Best Rate Guarantee

Find a cheaper rate on another website? We will match it and take an additional 10% off.

Priority Early Check In

When you book direct, we’ll make sure your room is on a priority list for earlier check-in’s

Free Bottled Water

Free bottled water provided in your room for your enjoyment.

Local Dinner Discounts

Dinner Coupons are provided to Local’s favorite restaurants.

Free Cancellation

Cancellation is free, as long as it’s completed by 6pm
1 day prior to your check-in date.

No Service Fees

There are no fees, service charges or
commissions like other Booking Sites.

Save Now, Pay Later

We don’t charge your credit card for reservations.
Only when you arrive.

Updated 6/24/2020

We are working hard to create the safest and best guest experience within this changing landscape!

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to do our part to help keep our community and our employees safe.  We are following all of the local and federal recommendations and guidelines. We have made the following adjustments to our business practices and offerings to keep all of our guests safe. We will continue to make changes and adjustments to provide the best guest experience as we move foward.

What to expect during your stay...

Low Contact Check-In / Check-Out – There is no need to sign any documents, simply come to the desk to slide your card and pick up your keycards. At check-out, let us know when you’re leaving, leave your keys in your room, and we’ll email you a receipt.

No Daily Housekeeping – Please call the Front Desk with requests, and items will be delivered to your room. Please let us know if you need any employee assistance.

Breakfast – We offer a limited take-out style breakfast from 7-10am. Enjoy breakfast in your room or limited seating is available in the Nantucket Room, Patio, Beach, or Outdoor Pool.

Indoor Pool – Open 9am – 11pm with limited capacity.

Outdoor Pool – Open 9am – Dusk (Weather Permitting)

Game Room & Fitness Center – Open 7am – 10pm with limited capacity.

Moby Dick Pub – Open Daily at 5pm with limited capacity.

Bellyfloppers Pool Bar – Open Daily at 11am with limited capacity.

Local Restaurants – Open with limited Indoor and Outdoor seating.

What we're doing to keep you safe...

Hygiene Protocols – We have added more sanitation stations for employees and guests throughout the property. Our staff is wearing PPE for your protection.


Staff Training and Screening – We have provided the most up to date information and training on policies and procedures on keeping both employees and guests safe. This includes daily self-screening at home including temperature and symptom checks.


Cleaning and Disinfecting – All Guestrooms and public areas are cleaned and sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectants. We have removed many non-essential items from guestrooms. We have increased the frequency of sanitizing surfaces that are being touched, especially our entrance doors, lobby, door knobs, stair rails and counters.


Social Distancing – We expect guests to self-police themselves. As much as possible, we have made more space to allow for guests to maintain safe distances.

Answers to common questions...

Do guests need to wear masks?
We recommend the use of masks in any area that customers can not maintain social distancing recommendations, but we do not require them. Bayside employees are required to wear masks.


Do we accept cash as payment?
We prefer credit cards, but yes, we do accept cash.


Will our bars be open?
Yes, Bellyfloppers Pool Bar is open daily at 11am (weather permitting) and the Moby Dick Pub is open daily at 5pm. Both bars are available with a light menu to be enjoyed on premises or for take-out.  Guests are welcome take their food or beverages and enjoy them anywhere on the property including the pool areas, patio, beach, fire pit, hospitality room and guestrooms. 


What hotel amenities can we use?
The Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Indoor Pool, Game Room and Breakfast Room are open with limited capacity. We have made efforts to make more space to allow guests to social distance. We expect guests to be considerate and self-police themselves. We reserve the right to close any area that we feel is overcrowded or unsafe.


What should we do if we feel uncomfortable?

We understand that these are uncertain times and that people have different worries and concerns. We ask that customers are considerate to others and self-police themselves. We appreciate customers telling us their concerns and suggestions, and we will do out best to address them. If at any time a customer feels uncomfortable or changes their mind about staying, we will offer a full refund for the unused portion of their stay with no questions asked.


What is your cancellation policy?

We have updated our Cancellation Policy to No Fees if you cancel by 6pm Day of Arrival when you Book Direct.  Please Note: If your reservation was booked through a 3rd party such as Expedia,,, Groupon, etc… You must change or cancel your reservation directly through their website and are subject to their terms and conditions.